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I was wondering if there is anything coming to the roadmap of converting the Resharper plugin to work as an extension of the Visual Studio for Mac?

I am aware that there are other JetBrains IDE's but in my case I would be needing to use Visual Studio for Mac.

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Hello Tom!


There are no plans of "Visual Studio for Mac" support. As you've mentioned we have JetBrains Rider IDE which provides option of developing on different platforms including Mac.

Thank you.

Does Rider IDE support the Xamarin API?


Thanks for the reply Angelina :)


Mitch, I believe it handles Xamarin, it just doesn't have the .storyboard editor like VS for Mac does, but you can use XCode for that anyway...


Rider is very very very costly. Costlier than using Resharper in Windows via Parallals run on Mac. It really raises questions on the pricing. Visual Studio for Mac on the other hand has free community editions. And a team developing .NET applications will get VS for Mac licenses too with the subscriptions they purchase.

What I miss on VS Mac badly is Code Lens feature (which would come soon). Why we use ReSharper mainly is for code cleaning (there's lot more ReSharper offers, but devs can live without 'em). But since VS 19 has introduced features for code cleanup, I feel Jet Brains going to loose here trying to capitalize on the missing features in VS Mac.


Hello Rizan,

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