ReSharper slows down solution loading

I work on a huge solution containg many C++ projects. Since the projects are C++, I would expect ReSharper not to interfere at all. But that's not the case. In fact ReSharper slows down the loading of this solution by several minutes (!). When I suspend ReSharper manually the solution loads MUCH faster.

Since manually enabling/disabling ReSharper all the time is not a practical option I would suggest two things:

1. ReSharper should not do anything when purely native/C++ solutions are loaded. Especially the loading time of such solutions should not increase.

2. There should be an option to disable ReSharper for certain solutions (e.g. based on their file/folder names).


Currently my coworkers and I keep ReSharper disabled permanently because of this issues. Of course this is a shame because in smaller/C# projects ReSharper does a wonderful job.

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Hello Boris! Thank you for contacting us. We have similar issue in YouTrack:, you are welcome to comment it and vote. Thank you!


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