Use CamelHumps Option makes strange Ctrl+Arrow navigation in Korean language

Default Ctrl+Arrow navigation is jump to next whitespace

And CamelHumps Ctrl+Arrow navigation is jump to next Upper Character

But Korean language not classify Upper and Lower case

So Resharper CamelHumps Option ignore Korean language when using Ctrl+Arrow navigation(Jump to next English Upper Character)

Is it possible if using CamelHumps Option and Ctrl+Arrow navigation, jump to next white space in Korean language?

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@Rageken, it's possible to have both behaviors (default Ctrl+Arrow navigation and Camel Case Ctrl+Arrow) for navigation to next/previous word. Is it an option for you?

Please take a look at

"There is also a way to have both behaviors (respecting and ignoring Camel Case) for 'Next/Previous Word' and 'Extend selection to Next/Previous Word', i.e. the default Visual Studio shortcuts (Ctrl+Right/Left,Arrow and Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left,Arrow) will work ignoring Camel Case and some custom shortcuts will work respecting Camel Case."

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Thanks for reply.

But I will continue to use it for several reasons.


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