Developing a ReSharper plugin with Rider

Hi, I'm interested in developing a ReSharper plugin (specifically adding Caliburn support as requested here: and here: Having recently made the switch from Rider to Visual Studio I would ideally like to use Rider for development, but browsing through the documentation I came across several exclusive references to Visual Studio culminating in this page: which strongly recommends using an experimental instance for development but only explains how to do this in Visual Studio. Can this be done in Rider, is it unnecesary, is the documentation out of date, or is Rider not recommended as a plugin development platform?

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Ok, so following the guide here: I've managed to package and locally install my plugin. Now my question is whether I have to go through the slightly onerous compile, zip, install, restart steps to test out even minor changes? For someone like me who is learning the ReSharper API as I go along, it's very off-putting. I guess for now I'll develop my plugin using Visual Studio (where the turnaround on minor changes is very quick), and compile the Rider version once I'm happy with it...


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