Boost.Test yields Access Violation on trivial unittest


I've installed Boost.Test using vcpkg.
Trying to run a test then results in the following error:

2018.07.19 09:58:07.962   ERROR Child process exited with exit code "Access violation"
2018.07.19 09:58:07.963    WARN Element first_test was left pending after its run completion.

The test I ran is the first one described in 

#define BOOST_TEST_MODULE TrivialTest
#include <boost/test/included/unit_test.hpp>
    int i = 1;
    BOOST_TEST(i == 2);

Visual studios own test runner can run the test, where it correctly fails at line 7. However looking into the .log errors still occur, I don't know if it is relevant for the resharper test runner, but I have uploaded the log just in case, the name is "BoostTestAdapter.dll.log".
Can you help me figure out what is wrong?

Kind regards
Casper Andersen




Have you updated to R++ 2018.1.2 or later? Boost 1.67 introduced a bug in Boost.Test (, R++ 2018.1.2 contains a workaround.


Hi Igor,

Thank you for the fast reply. I am unsure as to how, but as of now the test will run. Maybe a(nother) restart was what was needed. I'm still a little uneasy that it failed, but since there is no error to debug at the moment I'll continue as is. For the record my version of R++ is R++ 2018.1.3 and Boost is on version 1.67.

Thank toy for your help.


Casper Andersen


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