exporting a .clang-format file

Is there some way to make Resharper C++ export a compatible .clang-format file after customizing all the settings via the familiar and easy to use resharper user interface.

I like the idea of using a .clang-format code stylizer/formatter which our team can use without other members of the team to use resharper (some prever vi as their IDE of choice).  The .clang-format has a 'based on' high level style that I typically start from, however none of these styles are quite right.  So far, I have not found an interactive tool as intuitive as resharper which which I can use to format the source code style.  It looks like resharper works closely along side .clang-format, so it seems like if this feature does not currently exist, it should be relatively easy to implement.


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Hello John,

There is a feature request about exporting ReSharper formatting settings to .editorconfig (and .clang-format) - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-468159. However, it's not clear when we'll implement it, probably not sooner than 2018.3 at best. The mapping between the settings would also be very approximate, since ReSharper has many more configurable preferences.

As for the tool to generate a .clang-format file - have you looked at https://zed0.co.uk/clang-format-configurator/ which provides an interactive experience similar to R#?


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