ReSharper is not detecting Hardcoded connection strings and URIs



I have a .Net application that contains VB project and web site code. I have integrated Resharper with Visual Studio and tried to identify the hard-coded connection strings and URIs in the source code. But it is not working. I have done the following steps to enable the rule. Since we are migrating the applications, this is a must check. Please help. Thanks. 

  1. Turn on solution wide analysis.
  2. Go to ReSharper|Options|Code Inspection|Inspection Severity|Potential Code Quality Issues|Element is localizable set to Show as error.
  3. Go back to Solution Explorer and click on the project (web site project).
  4. In Properties panel under ReSharper category, set Localizable to Yes, Localizable Inspector to Pessimistic.


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Any update on this please? 

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As far as detecting hard-coded strings as localizable hasn't met user's needs, it was suggested to add corresponding inspection to ReSharper -


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