Formatting issue in ternary operator


There's an issue in formatting the ternary operator.

I want it to have spaces around the ternary operator and the Resharper rules indicate it correctly. (Refer to Screenshot 1)

But when I format the codes, it doesn't follow the Resharper rule, i.e. there's no spaces around the ternary operator. (Refer to Screenshot 2)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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Thank you for contacting us.

Is the same behavior reproduced when auto-formatting is applied on semicolon?

I see there's StyleCop installed with some rules overriding ReSharper settings. Could you please check that it doesn't override formatting the ternary operator settings?

Thank you.

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Hi Angelina,

Thanks for the hint. I had added in rule overriding for ternary operator. It is now working nicely with Resharper re-formatting.


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