Colors in method parameters

I am trying out resharper and overall enjoy it. There is only one thing that bugs is and that is method parameters are all white text. I am used to VS using type colors to make it easier to read. For example when typing a method, resharper displays the following:

You can see all the parameter types are white text.

The standard visual studio tooltips have types color coded like in the editor:


Is there a way to get the types colored in the resharper tooltip box as well?


Thanks for the suggestion. I installed the extension, but the tooltips still look the same. From the screenshots on the github page, it should look colored. I'm not sure why it isn't displaying properly. 


It looks like the suggested methods still have the types unhighlighted. But once a method is selected, the types are highlighted. 



1+ I have exactly the same problem!






Thank you for the feedback.

Corresponding feature request is reported here -

You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.


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