Restoring licenses from a license server after an outage - usability


My company now uses a private license server for R#.  I access it via a VPN when I work from home.  This causes me issues every Monday morning...

On Friday afternoons I am working with Visual Studio and R#.  All of the licenses are correct.  I close my laptop on Friday evening, and open it again on Monday morning, which is more than 48 hours after I closed it.  VS and R# wake up, and R# immediately tells me that my licenses are stale since it has been more than 48 hours since it last checked its license and it cannot currently reach the license server.  It does this before I can re-connect to the VPN to allow my PC to reach the license server.  I am left with all of the R# tools disabled in VS.  How can I quickly get my licenses re-established?  The license management dialog doesn't appear to have a 're-try now' feature.

The only ways that I have found to do this are:

  • Re-start VS (very inconvenient)
  • Delete and then re-add my license server (which is a pain as the license server dialog does not allow the existing server URL to be copied!)
  • Wait some undisclosed time period until R# makes its next periodic check

Is there a quicker/simpler way to force a re-try that I have missed?  If not, please add one!

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