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I just upgraded to Resharper 2016.2. When I launched Visual Studio, Resharper asked me to agree to a privacy policy. I found the privacy policy to be unacceptable, so I rejected it. Then I discovered that Resharper 2016.2 won't run if I don't agree to the privacy policy.

I never agreed to that privacy policy before, so I assumed it is a new requirement associated with Resharper 2016.2. To avoid the privacy policy, I uninstalled Resharper 2016.2 and reinstalled Resharper 2016.1.2. However, Resharper 2016.1.2 now insists that I agree to the same privacy policy.

This is unacceptable. I want to continue using Resharper under the terms JetBrains and I both agreed to when I purchased the product. How can I do that?

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There is no way to use ReSharper without accepting JetBrains Privacy Policy since ReSharper 2016.1. 

Why don't you want to accept our Privacy Policy? If you are talking about cookies - we do not use Cookies in ReSharper. The only place where cookies are used are on our web site ( That is a single privacy policy that covers all JB software and services, and is the same one that appears when purchasing the product. Accepting that does not mean that you have to or are forced to use cookies in ReSharper because, as mentioned, there are no cookies in ReSharper. There are however cookies on our site, as well as our check-out process and cart.



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