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Where is the documentation for the StyleCop Code Cleanup Settings?

There is little explanation on what each setting does. Moreover, some are cryptic. For example, what does this mean?

    Add/Remove braces for single statements in "if-else", "for", "foreach"...

Does it both add and remove braces? If the statement has no braces, are braces add and if the statement has braces, are braces removed?

A similar question applies to Use explicit or implicit modifier definition for types -- Aren't explicit and implicit completely different? These seem mutually exclusive options. If I use explicit, then I cannot also use implicit.

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Hello Jeffery,

The settings, shown on the screenshot, are ReSharper ones, not StyleCop ones. "StyleCop" here is just the name of Code Cleanup profile, you may add a custom one with any name you like by hitting "Add" button.

As for Add/Remove braces for single statements in "if-else", "for", "foreach"..: it is a part of Code styles section, so you may find related settings (which will be applied if the corresponding checkbox is ticked) here ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C# | Code Style (more info here


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