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I've been using ReSharper at work recently, and I'm trying to figure out what kind of naming convention ReSharper is using.

At most, it's looks as it's using Microsofts naming convention as declared on MSDN, which would be the logical thing to do, at least when it comes to C#, but one rule has been bugging me recently (Although I know I can suppress it, I still want to get to the bottom of it :]), specifically, using an underscore prefix on private fields. As the MSDN naming convention states, no non-alphanumerical characters should be used in those, including underscores.

I'd really wish to get some insight about this matter,


Thanks in advance

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ReSharper uses the naming convention that you configure.

In Visual Studio, Go to ReSharper -> Options, and in the tree view on the left, go to Code Editing -> C# -> Naming Style.

There you can edit all the styles to fit your own conventions. You can then save the settings to the "Solution team-shared" setting layer and commit the .dotsettings file so your entire team uses the same rules.


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