Aurelia with jspm and TypeScript



We're using Aurelia with Typescript. We load modules using Systemjs and using jspm.

It works fine to import modules using "import" like this:

import {Aurelia, autoinject} from 'aurelia-framework';

But when using it like this (e.g.):

export class SomeClass {

   constructor(private aurelia: Aurelia ...

Resharper complains that it cannot resolve autoinject or Aurelia. (It says: "Symbol 'autoinject' cannot be properly resolved, probably it is located in inaccessible module" and "Could not find symbol 'Aurelia' in external module 'xxx.ts'").

What can be done to fix this?


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Hello Henrik,

Do you use R# 2016.2 EAP build Such issue has been fixed there.


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No, I'm not. I'm using 2016.1. How do I get access to 2016.2?


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