The speed of C++ Resharper


I observe poor performance of the Resharper to reflect changes and find issues in code. I see the CPU is quite idle, is it multithreaded? I have  i7 with 8 threads, 16Gb of RAM with OS and code residing on separate SSDs, so I guess hardware is not a bottleneck here.

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How does poor performance manifest? Does analysis take a long time to finish after you change something inside a file? If so, could you please take a performance snapshot during that time using the ReSharper embedded profiler (the instructions are at

The issue could also be memory pressure - Visual Studio is a 32-bit process, and its performance degrades when the working size of the process exceeds ~2.5Gb. In this case a memory snapshot would be helpful.

R++ indexer is multithreaded, but 'Find code issues' is performed only inside a single thread at the moment.


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I have same issue. Core i7 16gb ram ssd
Resharper updateing files 1-2 minutes. In this time no code completition, no syntax color.
In the new 2017.1 version i create a new header, and define a new type i need to wait ~30 seconds while resharper parse this file.

Very slow.

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Any way for us to reproduce this? Can you show a screencast of what's happening? Collect a performance snapshot using dotTrace ( It's rather unlikely that a single header would get parsed for a long time.


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