Resharper Build slower with 2016 releases


Hi, I've noticed with both of the the 2016 releases that the Resharper Build times have become much longer, to the point where often it's longer than the VS 2015 full rebuild.  Are there any knows causes (caches that may need flushing) or logs I can investigate?  I love this feature on the large solution I'm working on (~90 WPF projects), so much so that I've reverted to v 10.0.2 so I can still use it.

Many thanks, Chris


Changes in example build times 10.0.2 -> 2016.1.1
Single Minor C# change: 3 secs -> 10 secs
Single xaml change: 34 secs -> 70 secs
Full Build: 50 secs -> 130 secs

For comparison, VS usually takes 20 - 30 secs for an incremental, 60 secs for a full rebuild.



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Hello Chris,

If you notice any problems with performance, please follow the instructions described here to collect a snapshot and send it to us.


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