Resharper C++ performance drop in version 2016.1

I am experiencing a very bad performance with Resharper C++

My setup:

- Windows 7 Enterprise

- Intel core i7-4800MQ 2.7GHz with SSD and 16 GB memory.

- Reshaper ultimate 2016.1

- Visual studio 2012 using 2010 compiler

- Solution with 30 projects and 1700 source files. Plus header files from boost library and some other smaller libraries


I have experienced a performance drop when updating to 2016.1.

When Resharper decides to do a rescan of the sources it takes about a half an hour, and in that period Resharper C++'s features are unavailable.

In general when writing code resharper, it cannot keep up with changes.  I.e. when adding a new method definition in a class header file and use resharper to implement it in the source file, I need to wait for resharper to update the sources before it is possible. In many cases it is faster to implement the method manually.

I have looked in the FAQ regarding suggestions for improving performance without any luck.

Any further  suggestions would be appreciated?


Kind Regard

Jesper Andersen



Sorry about that.

Could you send us performance snapshots (as described in for a use case where there's a drop in performance from the previous release and for the scenario where you modify a header file and it takes a long time for R++ to catch up?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Igor,

I am now running version 2016.1.2. The C++ part is still very slow. I have sent a performance profil of a case were I have three new methods defined in a class header file. I now did the implementation part by using "alt+enter" to "generate implementation of function". After implementing one and trying to repeat it for the following it does not come up with the correct menu with the "generate implementation of function" suggestion. I need to wait for some time for resharper to be ready, pressing esc and trying it again to get the correct suggestion.

I work with both C# and C++. The C++ part performs very bad compared to C#. I often use visual studios search function because resharper is too slow. This is very disappointing. Are you planning any major performance improvements for the c++ part?






We hope that we've fixed the performance drop from 2016.1 in 2016.2 and also added some new optimizations to reduce indexing time in several cases (e.g. for Unreal Engine indexing time improved by several factors, but it all depends on the solution).

Sorry, I can't find your snapshots in YouTrack by your email or name - if you have some time, can you please try the 2016.2 EAP 6 build (it should be available at on Friday or early next week), take another snapshot using this build and post here a link to the uploaded snapshot?

It also might be that R++ just can't handle solutions of your size at the moment - in this case, you can turn off the C++ part in ReSharper options, but please try out one of the following releases since we've also got some improvements planned (e.g. we hope some parts into native code for better performance).




Hi Igor,

I have installed 2016.2 EAP6. A re-scan of the solution takes about 10 minutes and there seams to be a some performance improvements.

As mentioned in the first post we use a boost library nuget package. This package has about 17000 header files, will that impact the performance? Can we in any way mask this nuget package out of the parsing/analysing to see if this gives us some improvements?





What about that scenario with slow availability of context actions after modification in a file? Did the time improve for that file?

Since boost is not a part of the solution, only the files which are #included in your source file will be processed. I don't think there's any way to mask some files from being indexed at the moment, and masking e.g. boost will result in lots of red code where it is used.

A performance snapshot of solution indexing would still be interesting to us, so if you've got some time, please take one, upload it to our ftp server and send us a link. Thanks a lot for your help!




I have submitted a performance snapshot. case: RSRP-459663




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