Find Usages not working logically

I just installed Reshaper for C++ on Visual Studio 2015. I encounter some illogical outcome from using the 'Find Usages' function of the tool.


If I've a class A with a method Clear(), doing a 'find usages' on Clear() would generate results that show the usage of Clear() of class B, class C, etc, which has nothing to do with class A.


Is that intended? How can I limit the result to only show the usage of A::Clear()?


Thank you.

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Could you please show us an example of the code where this issue occurs?

R++ might show you a usage in dependent code where it's not sure if the usage is real or not, like this one:

template <class T> void foo(T t) { t.clear(); }

But these usages should be in a section of their one ("Possible usages in solution"). All the other usages should be accurate.


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    You are right. All the additional results found are caused by templates and in a separate section.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.



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