Live Templates: typeof($TYPE$) where $TYPE$ implements Interface


Visual Studio 2015, Resharper 10.0.2

A line of my Live Template is as follows:

ValidateResults(testDatafeedRow, $ROW_FLAGS$, $ROW_ACTIONS$, $EXPECT_COMMENTS$, typeof($STATUS_ACTION$), statusAction);

I want to limit the type to/suggest types that implement IStatusAction (RehireAction, RestoreAction, NoAction, etc.).  What macro can I use for $STATUS_ACTION$ that will suggest or limit to the types I want?


PS:  Is there really no advanced search tool in the community forums?  The hundreds of hits I came back with go as far back as 2006, and none of them are useful :(

Official comment

Hello James,

Unfortunately, there is no the corresponding macro to get desired behavior right now. I filed a new feature request to YouTrack


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