Autopopup behavior after '.' does not function properly

So I've spent quite a bit of time trying to fix this via options and I just don't think it can be done.  The problem is trivially easy to reproduce.  I have R++ configured to use ReSharper IntelliSense overriding native and all Autopopup options set to Display under C++.  It works as expected except in this circumstance:  Given this code:

std::vector<int> testvec;

typing "testvec" on the next line causes the autopopup as it should.  If I hit tab halfway through the word to accept the completion, then type . it properly generates another autopopup showing the available memberlist as it should.  However, if I do NOT use autocomplete, but instead finish typing testvec on my own then type . it does NOT give the member list autopopup.  If you type testvec fully, then type the dot, then backspace over the dot and type the dot again, then it DOES generate the autopopup properly.  If you type testvec fully, then hit tab, THEN type a dot, the popup generates properly.  It works in every case except the one where I manually type the whole word AND the dot.  It's pretty clearly happening because R# isn't considering the symbol completed on the dot if everything was manually typed.  Native intellisense and visual assist intellisense both work properly in this scenario; only Resharper's implementation doesn't. 

I'm really impressed with my trial other than this, so I'm hoping there's a solution because it's a showstopper for me if I can't fix this so autopopup always works :(  Thanks for your time

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It does seem like a bug. I've filed to track it - we'll fix it by the 2016.1 release, which should be out mid-april. If you'd want to extend your evaluation license by that time, just let us know.

Thanks a lot for the report!

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That's great to hear!  Thanks for the incredibly quick response and solution.  Absurdly faster than I'm used to these days.

My trial will end probably before the fix is released, so I'll create a ticket about an extension after the fix is out.  Thanks again!


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