Intellisense of generic methods when non generic overload exists


Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere. A forum search didn't show up anything exactly like this.

If you have a method with a generic signature and a non generic signature, selecting the generic signature from the intellisense list fails to add the generic type.


interface ITestInterface


  object Test(string name);
  object Test<T>();
  object Test2<T>();


If you have an instance of that interface, and you autocomplete Test<>(), it always selects the Test(string) overload, even if you selected the generic sig. If you select Test2, then the generic <> are added correctly.

I'm fairly sure this used to work, but in one of the more recent updates, it seemed to have stopped. Indeed it doesn't perform as I would have thought it should in 10.0.2

Can I get a verdict on whether this is a bug please?


Ed Broome

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Official comment

Hello Ed,

Please try installing R# 10.1 EAP - we fixed similar issue there.


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Thanks for the response. That didn't wortk so well. EAP 1 did this:

The stacktrace appears in a loop

EAP & failed to install, due to missing resource I think it said.

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That's EAP 7, not EAP &.


Which may be obvious...


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