Sometimes Go To Definition goes to Next Usage


Some of the time, Go To Definition works normally. Some of the time, it does not, and instead goes to the next usage (popping up the next usage find bar and everything). It does so whether I use the right click menu option, F12, or ctrl+click. I haven't noticed any rhyme or reason as to when it picks one or the other. What could be going on here?

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Hello Tim,

It is a new feature in ReSharper - Smart Go to declaration ReSharper

You may disable it here ReSharper | Options | Environment | Search & Navigation | Enable 'Smart Go to Declaration' | Untick the checkbox.


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I had to disable it too. When I control clicked on methods sometimes it would refuse to to to definition and instead it goes to the next usage of the method. Pressing escape cancels that and then if I use control click on method it still wants to go to next usage. Sometimes it works but not sure why it doesn't want to work everytime.

I am using Resharper 2017.2


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