Resharper 10.0.2 with Visual Studio 2015 breaks project references

Set up:
Resharper 10.0.2
Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Update 1
Windows 10 Enterprise (up to date)

Special notes about the solution:
There are web projects
There are VB projects and C# projects
There are T4 Templates

I recently installed Resharper 10.0.2 (previously running Resharper 8.2 so I did not have Resharper in VS 2015 before this.)

With Reshaper enabled I have 10's of thousands of errors which all seem to stem from an inability to resolve references. If I look in the project the references are there, but the compiler can't resolve them.
Most of the errors are "Cannot Resolve symbol ..." and for Namespaces I get "Namespace ... doesn't contain any public interfaces or cannot be found" Even if I suspend reshaper at this point I need to actually remove 1 reference and re-add that reference before the solution can build again.

What I have tried so far:

  • Suspending Resharper and re-enabling it.
  • Clearing Resharper cache
  • Restarting VS
  • Removing and Re-adding references.
  • Right clicking on one of the errors and let Resharper re-add the needed references

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Right now I cannot build while resharper is enabled so anything at all would be helpful at this point.


Hello JetBrains Support,

Stumbled onto this while trying to find solutions to the same issue. I have the same symptoms, solution with DAL in VB.NET (from LLBLGen) and a WebForms Web Application in C#. No T4 here, so perhaps we can rule that out. But same symptoms, i.e. false negatives everywhere. Even things like "System" cannot be resolved. VS can compile fine, but I've lost all Resharper capabilities on the project.


I have other solutions in a similar mixed VB/C# situation, but without a web project and they're fine. So perhaps that could be a clue.


Could someone write back so I know whether there is a ticket I can follow, or contribute information to?






Hello Aaron,

What R# build do you use - ReSharper | Help | About JB ReSharper Ultimate | Copy>>? Does the issue affect VB files only or C# ones only or both ones? 



Hi Alexander,

Directly copied from help/about:

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1.2  Build 105.0.20160522.80219
dotCover 2016.1.20160523.142058
dotMemory 2016.1.20160523.142059
dotTrace 2016.1.20160523.142101
ReSharper 2016.1.20160523.141907

But, we don't need that anymore.. As usual, once you write or talk to someone you stumble onto the solution..

For me: The DAL was a C# project, not a VB.NET project (the files are all .cs), but the solution file had marked the project as a VB.NET project, perhaps during the copy of the initial DAL files from the desktop application which is fully VB.NET.

VS was happy to let this slide, but Resharper was stricter with the solution file specifications.

All good now, cheers. 




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