Resharper C++ crashes Visual Studio 2015 when opening Angel2D

Shortly after opening the Angel 2D solution ( Visual Studio 2015 starts freezes periodically while Resharper C++ is scanning files. Eventually it freezes it so long Windows error reporter kicks in and closes it and restarts it. Right before it closes it seems to unfreeze and the Resharper progress indicator (if it's expanded) skips forward a few files quickly, as if it's still working. This is right after a fresh clone and project conversion from and older Visual Studio version to 2015

It's not a particularly large project, it does has a few libraries included however. Still small compared to most game engines.

I tried disabling the Visual Studio database in the settings, as was recommended in one of the issues regarding UE4 and large projects, this did not help however.

Is there anything else I can try?

Permanently deleted user

Hello Brandon,

The issue affecting Angel 2D will be fixed in the next R++ release (10.1). In the meantime you can install the 10.1 EAP (beta) build from These builds are free and will work for a month after installation. We try to publish new ones with fresh batches of fixes every week or so until the release.


Thanks! I was going to try out the EAP tonight just in case it was something that had been fixed, good to know that's indeed the case!


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