Missing action indicators


I have lost my action indicators. For example, when a simple if else is created it puts a squiggly line under the if stating it can be converted to a '?:' expression. I used to be able to select something to and it would automatically convert it. That is no longer there. Seems like VS is missing all the action indicators. Is there a way to reapply them?

JetBrains ReSharper 6.1 Full Edition
Build 6.1.1000.82 on 2012-02-15T22:14:48

Licensed to: Honeywell
Plugins: none
Visual Studio 10.0.40219.1.

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Hello Brian,

Does the issue happen in some particular solution only or affects any solution even a newly created one? 



It was happening with all solutions. I uninstalled resharper and reinstalled it. So far that seems to have resolved the issue.


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