VS freezes when changing options


Hi JetBrains Team.

When I am trying to change some of the formatting styles (C# -> Formatting Style -> Spaces) VS freeezes (25%/1core CPU usage).

The issue is related only to some of the options: Unsafe addressof operator(&), "fixed" parentheses, Within array rank empty brackets, Within single-line initializer braces (and maybe some other, I haven't checked all of them).

I am using VS 2015 community.

Thanks in advance,
Damian D.


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Hello Damian,

Please check that you are using R# 2016.1.2 build (R# | Help | About JB ReSharper Ultimate). We've fixed such issue there.


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I am using R# 2016.1.2 (running in VS 10.0.25123.0).

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1.2  Build 105.0.20160522.80219
dotCover 2016.1.20160523.142058
dotMemory 2016.1.20160523.142059
dotTrace 2016.1.20160523.142101
ReSharper C++ 2016.1.20160523.141907
ReSharper 2016.1.20160523.141907

Any suggestions how to resolve this issue?

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Damian, thanks for the reply.

Please export all R# settings (ReSharper | Manage Options | "Export to file" for each layer) and use "Submit a request" link above to create a new support request to provide me such settings files. 



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