DotCover doesn't seem to be working correctly


Let me start by saying I'm new to both ReSharper and dotCover and that I'm using v10.0.2 of both.

The screenshot shows solution explorer in VS and the coverage tree for a set of tests.

Whenever I run coverage, it always shows the same subset of assemblies in the coverage tree. Importantly, all of the tests shown are for code in either the Services or Infrastructure assemblies, neither of which show in the coverage tree.

Clearly, the product is not doing something right or I'm not.

  • Why are only some of the assemblies shown in the coverage tree?
  • Why aren't any of the assemblies covered by the tests I'm running shown in the coverage tree?
  • How do I make it work properly?




Official comment

Hello Stuart,

As I see, Matt Ellis has already answered such question on STOFL


Indeed and it is working now. many thanks.


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