The horror of templates

So, template code, it's a bit like the bastard child of perl and obj c had it's own unholy offspring with brainfuck.

Type inference, endless nested brackets, boilerplate, it's all there.  Although it took me a while because I'm slow like that I realized that one of those things could actually be fixed, those darn nested brackets.

The question is, has anyone done it?  I'm thinking tinted highlighting by level, just to help differentiate the endless swathes of syntax from the tiny morsels of function dotted therein.

Obviously the ideal solution is if people who spend their time tripping their balls off on template writing could come down long enough to remember how to write legible code with stuff like meaningful names, clarity through typographical flow, spacing and punctuation...

...but that's just never going to happen.  So I'm looking for a second best that will clean up after their mess.  Anyone got anything good for this?


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