ReSharper 10.0.2 / VS 2015 Update 1 - Test Runner issues


Just upgraded our stack to R# 10.0.2 with VS 2015 Update 1.

It's a minor niggle, but the test runner updates very, very slowly now while tests are in progress, in large batches rather than one test at a time.

Is this the expected behavior? If it is can I tweak it so that it works like it did in all prior versions of ReSharper, ie, update the UI immediately?

Another minor niggle, the tree layout in prior versions used to follow the project structure verbatim from the Solution Explorer (ie, alphabetical order), but now it's in a seemingly random order which I can't change, which makes it very hard to find specific tests in the tree in a large test suite.

I've tried all the Group By options in the runner but none of them give me back the structure I want.

Official comment

Hello Sam,

  1. Do you use MSTest as a test framework? If so, it is a known issue -
  2. There is pretty similar ticket in YouTrack If you need to find some particular test, just type a part of test's name to search it. 


Hi Alexander, yes we do use MSTest, and these are the exact issues that I'm experiencing.

Happy to wait for 10.1 to fix these, thanks for replying!



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