Useless analyzing of all branches


I'm using VS2015 update2 and R# 2016.1 and I've noticed that when I open my Solution it takes ages waiting for R# to finish some scanning and analyzing files. Sometimes the whole VS freezes (white window) for about 5-10 minutes, sometimes I even have to kill the whole VS process.

So using Process Monitor (MS tool) I've found out a terrifying fact. R# is not only scanning the solution that I'm opening (or getting latest version of), but also all other branches of the Solution that are in the same folder. What's more, R# is scanning also all files from completly other projects and also projects written in other laguages! Here is an example of what all files R# scans when I open solution for MyProject1 Dev branch:

and so on

Every folder can contain e.g. 15 000 files, so instead of scanning only 15k files in the Dev branch, about 100k files are scanned! When I disable R# and open solution, everything is as expected - only files of the opened branch are scanned. 

So my question is how do I fix this so I can start using R# for better productivity again?

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