Feature Request

I'm going to feel really stupid if this has already been implemented,
however, I have to ask for this because I just lost around three hours worth
of work due to this.

Would it be possible to provide a different algorithm for ReSharper's
refactoring. Something to the effect of a pessimistic move.

The scenario that has plagued me (while using 1.5 and appears to continue to
plague me with 207) is such.

1. quickly prototype something
2. decide to move up/down/left/right in an attempt to create a better object
3. during the process of Resharper's action VS crashes (not necessarily due
to RS)
4. Upon reopening VS, notice that the code has been removed from the
original location but was not saved to the file to where it needed to go
before VS crashed

My request is something to the effect of providing for the following
sequence -

1. Move the code segment (copy, not cut)
2. Save the changes to the new location
3. Go back and "clean up" the original location

This doesn't necessarily need to be a transactional all-or-nothing, just
non-destructive move until the changes have been completed successfully.


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