Certain Keyboard Shortcuts Lost


(Build 211 on VS 2005 RTM here)

I am experiencing a strange phenomenon: I have heavily customised my
ReSharper keyboard shortcut bindings. Before installing a new EAP build,
I am very careful to use VS's 'Tools' -> 'Import and Export Settings' to
save my precious mappings.

If I open the saved file in a text editor, all of the shortcut settings
are there, although each is shown twice, once with scope 'Global', and
once with scope 'Text Editor' (the option window in VS always showed

Still, after the installation of the new EAP build (211 in this case), I
try to restore my old shortcuts (by importing the said file), which only
partially succeeds.

Unfortunately, I could not yet make out a pattern of which shortcuts are

Some complicated ones could be restored:

Alt + Space: CompleteCodeBasic (restored)
Shift + Alt + Space: CompleteCodeSmart (restored)
Ctrl + Shift + Space: CompleteCodeTypeName (restored)

Then, I have some shortcuts of the form Shift + Alt + X:

Shift + Alt + G: Generate (restored)
Shift + Alt + J: SurroundWith (restored)
Shift + Alt + F: ReformatCode (LOST)

Also, the following were lost:

Shift + F7: HighlightUsages (LOST)
Ctrl + Shift + F7: AdvancedFindUsages (LOST)


Shift + F6: Rename (restored)

I know that VS2003 had big problems with Addin's shortcuts. Is this a
VisualStudio issue again? I feel quite like an idiot, having to go
through all my shortcuts after each new installation. This does not
feel right.

I would welcome any hints or links to resources to circumvent this
problem in the future.

Thanks for your consideration,


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Am I right, saying that You had exported shortcuts using VS export mechanism
before installing ReSharper and then imported the saved file using VS
In the case it looks like a problem somewhere in VS export/import.....

Please, try the following: close VS, reopen and reimport the file. If it
helps, I've got an idea about possible cause of such behavior.

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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