Make alot of cash fast

Hey This Is Brand New 1/27/06

You Know all the paypal scams that you always read on forums well this is a lot like one but backwards. This time you pay to each person $1.00 but starting from the top. Every time that someone pays the first person the first person gets knocked off the list. Then your email is placed on the bottom of that list. Since this is brand new there is only one email mine. Once you pay me one dollar then your name will be added to the bottom of the list therefore there will be have two names. I will continue to rise thought the list until i get knocked off then we will have a total of 6 Names. When you pay someone tell them “thanks I've joined”. But when you pay the first person tell them “Thanks Ive joined and remind them that they are off the list”. This does work and it is legal so please give it a shot.

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