[218] VS Hangs When Adding New File to Solution


I have now witnessed the following behaviour several times: I add a new
file to my solution, and then VS works endlessly (giving me the 'VS is
waiting for an external process to end' dialog).

I debugged VS, and it showed that ReSharper hangs (see stack trace at
the end of the posting). It stands at one of the nop positions, I'm
sorry that I can't tell exactly at which, but the debugging VS instance
froze as soon as I copied the stack trace.

When I kill VS and reopen the solution, then the newly generated file is
there, but it is not included in the solution (i.e., you have to enable
'Show All Files' to see and include it manually). Deleting the existing
file and re-adding another one with the same name usually works.



--- c:\TEMP\tmp1389.tmp\src\VSIntegration\src\Editor
00000000 push ebp
00000001 mov ebp,esp
00000003 push edi
00000004 push esi
00000005 push ebx
00000006 sub esp,40h
00000009 mov esi,ecx
0000000b lea edi,[ebp-38h]
0000000e mov ecx,6
00000013 xor eax,eax
00000015 rep stos dword ptr es:[edi]
00000017 mov ecx,esi
00000019 xor eax,eax
0000001b mov dword ptr ,eax
0000001e mov dword ptr ,ecx
00000021 cmp dword ptr ds:[04F7CCCCh],0
00000028 je 0000002F
0000002a call 6644B74E
0000002f xor edx,edx
00000031 mov dword ptr ,edx
00000034 xor edx,edx
00000036 mov dword ptr ,edx
00000039 xor edx,edx
0000003b mov dword ptr ,edx
0000003e xor edx,edx
00000040 mov dword ptr ,edx
00000043 mov dword ptr ,0
0000004a nop
0000004b mov eax,dword ptr
0000004e cmp dword ptr ,0
00000052 setne al
00000055 movzx eax,al
00000058 mov dword ptr ,eax
0000005b cmp dword ptr ,0
0000005f jne 0000006C
00000061 xor edx,edx
00000063 mov dword ptr ,edx
00000066 nop
00000067 jmp 00000144
0000006c nop
0000006d mov eax,dword ptr
00000070 mov esi,dword ptr
00000073 lea ecx,[ebp+8]
00000076 call dword ptr ds:[06F76D28h]
0000007c mov edi,eax
0000007e lea eax,[ebp-24h]
00000081 push eax
00000082 lea eax,[ebp-28h]
00000085 push eax
00000086 mov edx,edi
00000088 mov ecx,esi
0000008a call dword ptr ds:[01AB1DC4h]
00000090 nop
00000091 lea ecx,[ebp+8]
00000094 call dword ptr ds:[06F76D2Ch]
0000009a mov esi,eax
0000009c cmp esi,0FFFFFFFFh
0000009f je 000000AF
000000a1 lea ecx,[ebp+8]
000000a4 call dword ptr ds:[06F76D2Ch]
000000aa mov esi,eax
000000ac nop
000000ad jmp 000000BA
000000af mov ecx,dword ptr
000000b2 call dword ptr ds:[07C1068Ch]
000000b8 mov esi,eax
000000ba mov dword ptr ,esi
000000bd mov eax,dword ptr
000000c0 mov esi,dword ptr
000000c3 lea eax,[ebp-2Ch]
000000c6 push eax
000000c7 lea eax,[ebp-30h]
000000ca push eax
000000cb mov ecx,esi
000000cd mov edx,dword ptr
000000d0 call dword ptr ds:[01AB1DC8h]
000000d6 nop
000000d7 mov eax,dword ptr
000000da mov edx,dword ptr
000000dd mov ecx,0B963C70h
000000e2 call 662A500C
000000e7 mov dword ptr ,eax
000000ea cmp dword ptr ,0
000000ee setne al
000000f1 movzx eax,al
000000f4 mov dword ptr ,eax
000000f7 cmp dword ptr ,0
000000fb jne 00000105
000000fd xor edx,edx
000000ff mov dword ptr ,edx
00000102 nop
00000103 jmp 00000144
00000105 push dword ptr
00000108 push dword ptr
0000010b push dword ptr
0000010e lea eax,[ebp-38h]
00000111 push eax
00000112 mov edx,dword ptr
00000115 mov ecx,dword ptr
00000118 call dword ptr ds:[01AB1DCCh]
0000011e nop
0000011f mov eax,dword ptr
00000122 mov dword ptr ,eax
00000125 nop
00000126 jmp 00000144
00000128 mov esi,eax
0000012a mov dword ptr ,esi
0000012d nop
0000012e mov ecx,dword ptr
00000131 call dword ptr ds:[053E0DF4h]
00000137 nop
00000138 xor edx,edx
0000013a mov dword ptr ,edx
0000013d call 6634F749
00000142 jmp 00000144
00000144 nop
00000145 mov eax,dword ptr
00000148 lea esp,[ebp-0Ch]
0000014b pop ebx
0000014c pop esi
0000014d pop edi
0000014e pop ebp
0000014f ret 8

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