[255] Weird problem with debugging the solution

When I run my solution (F5 or Ctrl-F5), I get an exception from TestRunner (see stack trace below) and the execution stops at this point. Weird. The problem stays even if I unload Resharper (Tools->Add-In Manager).

This solution contains many projects, some of them are unit tests. The start-up project is a WinForms application. I have no idea what happened, last week it used to work correctly, I haven't changed anything since then.

" at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)\r\n at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy)\r\n at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options)\r\n at System.IO.StreamReader..ctor(String path, Encoding encoding, Boolean detectEncodingFromByteOrderMarks, Int32 bufferSize)\r\n at System.IO.StreamReader..ctor(String path, Encoding encoding)\r\n at JetBrains.ReSharper.UnitTestSupport.Runner.TestRunner.Run(String[] args) in c:
TestRunner.cs:line 96"

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