324 - Ctrl + Left/Right Navigation

I know I've mentioned this before and that you have this recorded at http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RSRP-33133 for a fix in 3.0. However, I'd really appreciate if this could be sorted for the 2.5 release, or at least an early EAP after that.

I'm noticing this tonight....which I guess is the same issue.

The navigation using ctrl+arrows still feels pretty strange to me. In the below...

return IsStringThenDecimal(lines[1]); } } ///


...with the insertion point to the left of the 1, ctrlright takes me to: after the 1, then to between the < & s of <summary. returning using ctrlleft takes back to the left of the 1.

I really like here is to hit the end of the first line on forward navigation.

Any chance of bringing this forward.....big please....?



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