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Fixed - I did what the dialog said to do :(

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Install of ReSharper 3.0 build 407 worked fine, however, when starting
Orcas beta 1 I see this dialog a number of times
(http://mdavey.wordpress.com/2007/04/24/orcas-resharper-30/) and I
don't see a ReSharper menu

Today I've tried installing R# on the Visual Studio “Orcas” 9.0 Beta1 version.
Everything went fine, for me.

Anyway, we expect the problem with menus insertion to be gone by the R# 3.0
release, as we're going to change the way we insert them.

Serge Baltic
Omea & R# Developer
JetBrains, Inc — http://www.jetbrains.com
“Develop with pleasure!”


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