Purchase 3.0 license

When? I'm a 2.5 user and am ready to purchase 3.0. How much for the 'full' version and what will the upgrade be from my existing
2.5 personal license.

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Personally, I think it's obsurd that folks that purchased Resharper 2.5 prior to April 2007 (such as myself, purchasing v2.5 in January) have to pay for the "upgrade." 2.5.X is so buggy (it throws exceptions every 2-3 hours) and the beta of 3.0 is certainly no more stable than 2.5, I won't be paying for it. Let alone the fact that 3.0 simply adds VB.NET support (be honest, there are hardly any noticeable updates in the C# space - certainly not worth paying for an upgrade.)

Good luck, I'll be looking at DevExpress's toolset to replace Resharper.



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