Can not resolve symbol in 3.0 version

I have a BasePage in my App_Code folder that my other pages inherit from. Within my pages Resharper can not resolve BasePage. BasePage has objects on properties that Resharper can not resolve. These objects are located in class library projects within the web application solution and are referenced in the bin folder. The ide knows about them, the solution can build, and I can use the context menu to go to definition. Two of the projects in the solution are named by company.product.interfaces or company.product.interfaces.schema. It appears that Resharper gets hung up on the fact that it can not find company.product namespace. For exampe we have SSF.CMS.Interfaces for a namespace. Resharper does not like the fact that SSF.CMS is not part of the solution. The resolve issue is causing me not to be able to use the code analysis tool in Resharper which I use all of the time. I did not receive the these resolve errors when I was using 2.5. I did have previous issue going from 2.5 to 3.0 and had to reset my menus because I had duplicate menus. I don't believe this has any bearing on the issue at hand but I don't want to leave out any info.

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