Incorrect warning with lambda function

Hi there,

I'm getting a context error from the R# 4.0 "pre-EAP" on a valid section of
code that involves lambda functions. The code in question is an
implementation of a Y-Combinator. The context error is:

"Argument type 'T' is not assignable to parameter type 'System.Func'" The code generating the error is: private class Wrap { public readonly Func, T> It; public Wrap(Func, T> it) { It = it; } } public static Func Y(Func, Func> f) { Func>, Func> g = wx => f(wx.It(wx)); return g(new Wrap>(wx => f(y =>]]> wx.It(wx)(y))));

The context error appears for the segment "wx.It(wx)".

Mike Strobel

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