Braces for "if-else" Statements

I have an issue with the bracket current formatting options for if-else
statements. Currently, selecting 'use braces for multi-line' will add
braces for multi-line 'if' or 'else' statements, but it will also remove the
braces from single-line statements. Our code style dictates that if an 'if'
or 'else' statement uses braces, then any adjoining 'if, else if, or else'
statements should also use braces. Running code cleanup in R# will remove
the braces from adjoining 'if/else if/else' stateaments. To remedy this,
I'd like to have one of two options:

Option 1: Add braces if adjoining 'if/else if/else' statements have
Option 2: Add braces for multi-line statements (add them for multi-line, but
do not remove for single-line)


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