[745] Live Template Issues

1. Creating a new file template doesn't use the same editor that editing existing templates does. I'm assuming this is something being worked on, but figured I'd mention it.

2. When the Edit Template dialog is open, VS does not show up in the Alt+Tab list.

3. After upgrading (from 733), I noticed an old file template is not in the same place the new file template is. A second User Templates > C# directory was created.

4. When editing a file template in the new editor, place your cursor at any point. Then click on either the Description or Default file name textbox. Hold down Shift and press the left or right arrow key. You'll notice that both the text in the textbox as well as the text in the main editor are selected. Deleting text via Del or Backspace also perform their respective actions in the editor.

5. Editing the Description doesn't change the name displayed in the template list... Actually, it does for my old templates, but not my new one.

6. Every time I save the template, the Live Template dialog refreshes and seems to move things around. Specifically, this moves around the two C# directories I have, mentioned in #3.

7. Copying and pasting text in the editor seems to paste the copied text twice.

8. Like #4, the same actions are reflected on the editor when your focus is on the variable list on the right.

9. You can't reorder the variable list like you can in the old dialog.

10. In the Live Templates dialog, I can drag old custom templates from the left to the C# projects list on the right; but I can't move the new one I created (see #3).

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