LINQ parsing error

As LINQ support is still in progress, at what point would you like bugs filed on R# errors parsing LINQ?

One thing that came up is with static methods / classes:

In build 755, the following has errors:

public static class SomeClass
public static void DoSomething()
var methods = from m in typeof(float).GetMethods()
let attribs = m.Attributes
where attribs == System.Reflection.MethodAttributes.FamANDAssem
select m;


There's an error under the attribs next to the where that says, "Cannot access non-static property 'attribs' in static context.". The m next to select is also shown as an error with the same text.

I can file a bug but I wasn't sure if it was either a known error or if the LINQ support just wasn't complete yet.


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