R# 4.0 v755.30 - refactoring dialogs delay after invocation with hotkey

  • installer "resharper 3.0" in header, but 4.0 titlebar

  • rename method does not work (last tested and found not to work either in 751).

"saving caches" appears in status bar, but does not progress

update: refactor dialogs appear a long time after pressing the hotkey (e.g. f2 for rename). I had the rename method dialog appear 90 minutes (yes! ninety minutes!) after I had invoked it, with the original method name displayed, which had already been changed manually a long time ago.

code parsing status bar has been appearing erractically.

Edited by: Oisin Grehan on Mar 19, 2008 2:21 AM

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fixed in 757!


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