Newsgroup reshuffling

Recently, Jetbrains changed the website and newsgroups around.

I used to get to the newsgroups by going to ...
and on that page was a link that took me to Resharper newsgroups.

Those newsgroups were based on

Now, the above link only takes me to intellij stuff. I managed to locate
the link to find the Resharper EAP by using this:

But the only link on there to newsgroups goes to

And the only group on there is jetbrains.resharper.eap (which is mirrored on Participation in the other newsgroups on (including seems way down suddenly,
and posts I made there got no response until reposted elsewhere.

I wonder if others were tripped up by this change? And is there now a page
that takes you to the new newsgroups somewhere? It all
happened very suddenly and without notice... and it took me some scrambling
to get back to where I was.

Just curious if anyone else has had any problems.

(I just realized I had to "Reset Newsgroups" in my newsreader to see the
rest of the groups on ... originally it only showed ONE,
the eap group ... I wonder if others know to do this?)

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