783: Undo stops working

I was refactoring a somewhat large C# source file (~2,500 lines of code)
yesterday to initially clean up with the code (reformatting, removing unused
variables, removing minor code redundancies) when I noticed Undo and Redo
had become disabled (e.g. Ctrl+Z do nothing and Edit | Undo is grayed out).
I had been working on the source file for a few hours, so I have no idea
what triggered it. The same thing happened today while working on a
different source file in the same project. I noticed the same behavior once
or twice in 775 and initially thought it was a fluke.

Once Undo/Redo become enabled, I have to close and reopen the source file to
enable Undo/Redo on that file. I do not know if this affects any other open
source files since I've been limiting my changes to one file at a time.

This is with build 773 in Visual Studio 2008 running on Windows Server 2003
with SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition. VisualSVN is the only other plug-in

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