ReSharper 4 -- Status Update


I must admit, we were not very responsive in the forums for the last month
or so. We were busy developing ReSharper 4 :) Here is quick update.

We are currently working on preparing ReSharper for Beta - performance, memory,
overall stability and reliability. Beta should be out very soon. Then we
will have post-Beta cleanup, more stabilization for Release, fill in missing
bricks found during Beta, and then ... Well, overall time scope for ReSharper
4 release is about a month.

Thank you for your patience, we really appreciate your participation in our
early access program! We are doing our best to deliver smart and quality

And while we are here, what is single most important thing you want to
be fixed/changed before release?

Ilya Ryzhenkov

JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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