Disable parsing XML files or disable showing Xml nodes in the File Structure Window

Is there a way to disable parsing of XML files by Resharper ? I want this
specifically for the File Structure Window, whenever I open a medium to
Large XML file ( file with more than 400 nested XML tags) it brings down
Visual Studio to a Crawl and I have to kill it. The only option I find is to
disable Resharper before opening up these XML files.

FYI - My Machine's is not a problem, I have a high end Workstation with
Dual-Core Dual Proc and 8 GB RAM


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I second this demand, for XAML files too. Visual Studio does not perform well on XAML editing - it's better with SP1 - but R# really makes things worse in this case. I simply can't edit my 1500 lines .xaml file without having this constant sensation of lagging environment, that is, waiting 0.5 second between each key press - or type really fast to allow a dozen of characters to be outputed before the "lag".

Running R# 4.0 Release Build on Visual Studio 2008 with XP SP3 with a T7700 (2.4Ghz) and 2GB ram on my laptop.
Running R# 4.0 Night Build 909 on Visual Studio 2008 with XP SP3 with a E6600 (2.4 @ 3.0Ghz) and 2GB ram on my desktop.

Problems are the same on both machines.


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