XAML IntelliSense Question & Issue

First, a question:

Is it possible to configure R# to automatically show the IntelliSense (code
completion) prompt in the same fashion as the stock VS2008 IntelliSense
prompt? If not, I would like to see this functionality added.

Second, an issue:

I have experienced cases in which both the R# and VS2008 XAML IntelliSense
prompts would open at the same time--this is problematic, because the VS2008
prompt would be hidden by the R# prompt, but the VS2008 prompt would retain
keyboard focus. In these cases, I'm forced to hit 'Escape' to close the
hidden VS2008 prompt. What's particularly annoying is that the R# prompt
often has the correct item selected when it opens, and hitting 'Enter'
causes the (often incorrect) item selected in the VS2008 prompt to be
inserted instead.


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