Request: private field to "automatic property" in quickfix options

Assume that you have several fields like this:

private string name = string.Empty;
private string firstName = string.Empty;

It would be nice if it was possible to convert these fields to an automatic
property using the quickfix option. What is possible now through the
quickfix options is to generate a "getter" first and then convert the getter
to an automatic property.


Gabriel Lozano-Moran

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I'd like this too. Best would be if I could select a whole bunch of lines which declare private fields and Quick-Fix to auto-property all of them at once.
I'm aware that you can use Alt+Insert for this, but it is very unintuitive and involves selecting fields in a dialog. Developers usually don't want any modal dialogs to fulfil their task, they want to do everything from within the editor.


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